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Inspired by nature...
...for a better and cleaner world
Ecological Evolution... a registered trademark of CANDOLI GmbH Switzerland and is engaged with ecological products that can make a particular contribution to the environmental protection.

The exclusive products of Ecological Evolution are developed and produced in collaboration with our partner laboratories and production companies with more than 100 years of experience.

Our products are developed and produced in Europe and therefore are subject to the environmental protection rules of the EU as well as their employment law.

The close collaboration with our developers and production teams, allows us to respond to specific wishes from our customers and react quickly to market needs.

Water based...


Ecological Evolution products are the latest developed on water based nanotechnology.

The EE nanotechnology imitates the procedure of the natural workings and origins of a leaf:
The sunlight  respectively the UV light, decomposes the dirt on treated surfaces and helps it to remain cleaned and fresh. The cleaning effect is supported by the contact with wind or water as for example rain.

Ecological Evolution Heat Reduction
This nanotechnology product range is a heat-absorbing and non-reflective product. This technology is able to keep out approx. 90-95% of the temperature.   

Ecological Evolution Products...
...helps Nature doing its important tasks

Outdoor EE-Nano-Technologie Advantages

A treated surface is able to be cleaned by itself and also cleans the air from pollution like fine dust exhaust particles from road traffic, aviation, some industries as well as smog, SOx and NOx particles and much more. A treated surface of the size of 2’000m2 is able to  clean 41’667m3 on each light hour, corresponding to the work of 12 full grown trees

Treated surfaces remain clean and protected for years against environmental influences, this helps to save money and increase each building’s value.
At large cities, airports and big industry areas, treated buildings and other infrastructure help nature to clean the air, reduce bacteria and smog (SOx, NOx, etc.)
 Heat Protection Products – EE paint and special coatings as a heat barrier help to reduce ventilation and air-conditioning cost up to 50%. These products have a higher place value on countries with a hot climate and buildings who have poor or no isolation at all. EE-Heat Protection Products absorb up to 90% of heat.

Ecological Evolution Products...
...helps people to stay healthy

Indoor-EE-Nano-Technologie Advantages


EE - Indoor Nanotechnology and special photocatalytic products as coating or paint helps people to stay healthy, to save costs and increase productivity.
EE – Products neutralize odors, clean surfaces from organic dirty, purify the indoor air and act antibacterial. This products can be applied anywhere like for example in schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, rail stations, trains, buses, ships etc.  

Ecological Evolution Products...
...helps to reduce maintenance costs

Ecological Evolution Economical Advantages

Buildings, or other infrastructure, which are treated with Ecological Evolution products remain clean and protected for years against environmental influences. This helps to save money and increase each infrastructure’s value.

On the public transportation branch it helps to save cleaning costs and convey trust and confidence to the passengers.

Heat protection products massively reduce ventilation and air-conditioning cost. In countries with a hot climate and no financial possibilities for
air-conditioning, the EE-Heat protection products can help people to feel and work comfortably, even with a small budget. One product application remains functional for years (10 years and more). There are a lot of application possibilities, for example: In all kind of buildings like factories, schools, hospitals, hotels, homes, animal accommodations, etc.

Ecological Evolution Products...
...use and functionality

Ecological Evolution unites...
...mobility with ecology

Ecological Aviation & Aviation Industry

EE - Cabin products:
Our nanotechnology indoor products, specially modified for aircraft cabins, can purify the air, act anti-bacterial and neutralize odors. It gives the cabin a healthy atmosphere creating a soothing and pleasant surrounding for the crew and passengers.

We also developed a special protection product for aircraft textiles, like for example the carpets on VIP airliner aircrafts, textile seats and other textile surfaces that are exposed to extreme soiling or stains i.g. coffee, red wine and similar…

EE - Fuselage products:
With our nanotechnology products we want to contribute to fuel saving, saving costs and time in aircraft cleaning (less frequency needed) and simplify deicing.     

Ecological Evolution has special nanotechnological products for the aviation industry. For the continuity of development, tests and certifications we are looking for investors and airline or aircraft manufactures to participate in this project. We are convinced to have the best and suitable products for the future.


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